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Cheer Classes

classes are designed to introduce and futhure enhance cheerleading skills.

 Students are taught  jumps, small stunts (at ground level) voice projection, motions, little  cheer chants, dance, and tumbling. Young cheerleaders will become more confident in themselves. 

Glitter Bugs Ages 3–4 years
Magic Sparklers Ages 4–5 years
Pink Flamingos Ages 6–8 Years
Silver Bells Ages 8–12 years

Boot Camp: Ages 12 +

Boot camp is a skill perfection class for girls ages 12 and up. This class is designed to improve cheerleading skills to the maximum, as well as making the body physically fit. Training emphasizes the fundamentals of cheerleading: stunts, jumps, strength, motions, tumbling.

2015–2016 Class Schedule (100 KB)